a voice for writing

What can we all understand globally, regardless of any particular language? Colors, symbols, and emotions.

A Voice for Writing is a universal and one-of-a-kind approach to writing that taps into the needs of the new millennium students. Bypassing any language or ability, the design supports equity and uses symbols, colors, and patterns to represent steps that automatically synthesize textual evidence, interpretations, and academic language. The design contains multiple strategies that are embedded within structured acronyms, visual cues, color coding, and language-based supports to facilitate the writing process. Students strengthen their ability to select cited evidence and perform a deeper analysis of text through a chronological framework called “Blocking Off” and the “MY” sentences. This formulaic method also draws upon students’ prior knowledge, emotional intelligence, and experience to develop important connections to texts, thereby developing inner motivations and simultaneously building comprehension while encouraging engagement in the learning process. The ordered steps are memorized, and students generalize the application of the formulas by color-coding and utilizing a checklist to forward sequence the steps. The process automatically synthesizes the components of writing and is aligned with such to include precise language and a formal style to present ideas consistently to become a cohesive writing response. The chronological structure promotes the selection of quality textual evidence and interpretations that support a clear response that address a specific writing task.

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